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"I came here with severe pain in my left hip. Traditional PT was making it worse. Dr Greiner diagnosed as a back problem on the initial exam. I was unable to lift my left leg even an inch off the table. With adjustments and exercises I can now lift my leg and my pain is greatly decreased. I cannot say enough about Neff PT. They’re rockstars!! "
Jan 12, 2024
"If you want the best therapy for whatever your injury may be Neff is the place to go. Their staff is amazing. They are all very skilled. This is my second time at Neffs in Willow Street and Dr Greiner is exceptional. "
Dec 07, 2023
" So glad i attended the knee workshop. My knee had been giving me trouble and was affecting me when i walk. After attending the workshop i signed up for physical therapy. I did not want the traditional Doctoring with medication ,injection or surgery. Dr Adam S. was hands on and explained and spent quality time working on me . PT therapist Amanda was amazing as she had put me to work on a exercise plan to help strengthen where needed . I highly recommend this as a conservative approach before seeking traditional doctoring. "
Dec 01, 2023
"I recently move to Chester County and was referred for PT for neck and shoulder pain/issues. I chose Neff PT, Oxford, because of the proximity to my home. Prior to PT I was was only slightly able to turn my head in either direction. My shoulders were tight and I experienced pain after minimal exertion. This made driving and many activities for daily living difficult. After Physical Therapy, twice per week for six weeks, I have full range of motion of my neck and upper body. I am able to complete daily tasks and drive w/o discomfort. Adam Soltys, DPT, is professional, gentle mannered, a great listener and asks relevant questions. Dr. Soltys always informed me of the procedure he was about to do, checking how it felt after and reviewing my progress on a regular basis. Amanda, the PT assistant, was great to work with and always wrote out the exercises for me to take home (and bring back)! The receptionist, Karen, was pleasant and helpful in scheduling according to my preferences/needs. The office space was clean and well ordered. I noted the staff strictly follows appropriate cleaning protocol after each patient session. NEFF PT staff is genuinely concerned about the local residents and offer free educational classes on various topics. In conclusion, I would HIGHLY recommend NEFF PT! I have NO suggestions for improvement! I am so thankful I stumbled on a GEM!"
Nov 14, 2023
"Very pleased the care I was given. Staff is very friendly and work with you to gain the best results. Would recommend to anyone."
Oct 23, 2023
"In July 2022 I fell which aggravated my scoliosis. I was having tingling down my right leg into the foot almost constantly. I had PT, a spinal injection, and chiropractic treatment with little improvement. I was told that surgery was my next step. I am so glad that I attended the free back pain and sciatica workshop at Neff PT in Willow Street. I started PT with Dr. Greiner in June 2023, almost a year after my fall. After 2-1/2 months with his treatment and doing the exercises given to me I now have very little tingling. Once the sciatic nerve fully heals there should be more progress. I highly recommend Neff PT."
Aug 21, 2023
"Everything about them is great! Great atmosphere and they make me feel comfortable "
Jan 10, 2023
"His experience is worth the time and effort put into it. As a close friend of my family, I would recommend him! "
Dec 22, 2022
"Neff physical therapy is excellent. I had fallen and hurt my right foot, shoulder and back. During my therapy Dr. Davis was excellent but I wasn't getting any better. So I received injections in my back and shoulder. Found out I had rheumatoid arthritis, partial tear in my shoulder and a bulging disc in my back. Now after doing my therapy at home and with the injections I am back to normal. Thanks to everything I learned from Neff physical therapy and Dr. Davis I would highly recommend."
Dec 15, 2022
"In my case, it a significant tear in my rotator cuff and choosing the therapy at Neff's was the right decision! I have free range of motion and no pain at all. I'm still doing some exercises at home to build up my strength. Neff's therapy really helped me. "
Oct 24, 2022
"After returning from a trip to Montana I began to have lower back pain and numbness in my left leg and foot. I began treatment with Dr Greiner and now three months later the pain and numbness are gone. I am grateful to the staff for their professional but yet personal treatment. Hanna, Chris and Dr Greiner thanks to you all. Mike "
Aug 30, 2022
"Best recommendations "
Aug 24, 2022
"Best Physical Therapy ever. I have MS and back problems. Been going 4 weeks and feel incredible relief. The exercises they have taught me I actually enjoy doing. I am a new person."
Jul 18, 2022
"Dr. Soltys and Adam are extremely qualified, kind, patient, and personable. Dr. Soltys took the time to listen to my concerns and address them. Adam was always keeping track of my exercises and helped guide me and answer my questions. I actually enjoyed my time at the Oxford office. I was glad I followed Dr. Soltys to the new Oxford office. I exceeded my surgeon’s expectations and I attribute that to Dr. Soltys’ expertise and administering the correct exercises. I wish all of my doctors were like Dr. Soltys. I would happily return to Dr. Soltys for any future pain related issues. "
Jun 24, 2022
"Everyone was so kind and pleasant. Not only did they help me with my neck and shoulder that had been giving me pain for a year but fixed my lower back when had a spasm from planting flowers. They also helped me when I accidentally tripped at my Pocono house and fell down the steps to driveway on my head to relieve the pain in other muscles. I recommend them highly as also gave me exercises to do at home which I am still doing to stay limber and not have pain when turning my neck and head. "
Jun 22, 2022
"I went to Neff Therapy with pain during the night from my shoulder blade to my chest . With exercises and manual therapy, the pain is completely gone. Dr Greiner always asked how I was doing , and listened to my concerns. Chris helped me with exercises, never any question too insignificant to answer. Everyone made me feel welcome. I will miss seeing them !"
Jun 17, 2022
"Having recently moved the Willow Street, and after hurting my shoulder in the move, I was happy to see advertised the workshop for treatment for shoulder pain. I went but was skeptical. I make an appointment for a PT evaluation. It was the best decision I could have made. The staff at the Wilow Street location were professional and very helpful. I am a registered nurse and have always gone to the hospital sites so I was a little concerned about going to a free-standing site. I give all the staff 5star ratings. Hannah, at the front desk, remembered me every time and answered my insurance concerns. Greg. who patiently demonstrated and re-demonstrated my exercises until I mastered them. Dr. Ross Drawbaugh, who prescribed my treatment plan and worked with me at each visit. The office is small but very friendly. You are treated as a total person not a problem or a number. Best decision ever!! Happy that I can now use my arm and shoulder for all the day-to-day activities without pain or limitations. Thank You to all the staff at Neff Physical Therapy"
Jun 14, 2022
"My treatment plan provided for the help and expected outcome . Dr. Soltys is professional, respectful and very thorough with giving 100 % to restore my mobility and relieve my pain. The staff is friendly an helpful. Adam Miller is very helpful with the exercises and concerned with good results. Very nice facility and would them."
Jun 06, 2022
"Recently I had four weeks of therapy with Neff P.T. The therapists were very professional, personable, efficient and very thorough in my treatment. This is a very bright and neat facility. In spite of the physical discomfort, this was a pleasurable experience and I highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs physical therapy. "
May 21, 2022
"I had heard about a seminar but decided not to wait and to make an appointment. Best decision I’ve made in quite some time! I went for shoulder cuff, but had another issue in the opposite shoulder blade. In less than a week I am feeling significant relief for both issues, even though the treatment was for the shoulder cuff. Another issue I hadn’t even mentioned was a hip/glute issue. That has improved with the exercises I am doing for the original issue. I see a doctor each session, which has only been two, in addition to physical therapy. Doctor Drawbaugh patiently answers any questions I throw at him. All staff seems caring. I encourage anyone having issues to give Neff a try!"
Apr 23, 2022
"I had heard about a seminar but decided not to wait and to make an appointment. Best decision I’ve made in quite some time! I went for shoulder cuff, but had another issue in the opposite shoulder blade. In less than a week I am feeling significant relief for both issues, even though the treatment was for the shoulder cuff. Another issue I hadn’t even mentioned was a hip/glute issue. That has improved with the exercises I am doing for the original issue. I see a doctor each session, which has only been two, in addition to physical therapy. Doctor Drawbaugh patiently answers any questions I throw at him. All staff seems caring. I encourage anyone having issues to give Neff a try!"
Apr 23, 2022
"The best physical therapy I went too and it has helped me very much. I am keeping up with my therapy everyday. Thank you for your great job."
Apr 06, 2022
"As a firm believer in physical therapy, Dr. Drawbaugh's approach was amazingly beneficial for me. I have been so impressed with the knowledge and staff at Neff Physical Therapy. We all need to keep moving as pain free as possible. It takes the know how to do it properly. "
Mar 04, 2022
"I started seeing Dr Soltys for pain in my foot when going for long walks. Had steroids and injection and they didn’t help. After a few weeks he did an emg test and realized my problems were coming from my L5 in my back. Shortly thereafter my foot and back were healed. He was very professional, extremely good and knowledgeable "
Jan 27, 2022
"I was glad for your service. All people were professional and pleasant. "
Oct 15, 2021
"The staff at Neff is welcoming and knowledgeable. As a working mom I found convenient appointment times. Highly recommended!"
Sep 23, 2021
"I was referred to Neff Physical Therapy by my family doctor after having numbness in fingers and aching from my shoulder down my right arm for 2 months. I also had issues with headaches pretty much every morning. I felt truly welcomed after my first visit and I knew they were going to do their best to get me feeling better! Dr. Soltys was amazing and really listened to and took into account what was bothering me. After 6 weeks of therapy and doing the exercises they gave me at home, my shoulder and arm feel much better and my headaches are far and few between. Adam and Adam are a great team and I can't thank them enough for all their help!"
Sep 16, 2021
"Outstanding facility! I am recovering from surgery for a torn rotator cuff and torn biceps tendon and have been receiving treatment from Neff Physical Therapy. All staff is friendly, kind, and patient. Dr. Davis is extremely knowledgable, professional, and caring. He focuses on taking a personal approach to create an individualized plan for patients. Dr. Davis explains the reason for a specific exercise and is never too busy to answer a question. Physical therapy assistant, Dylan, is respectful and well organized. He works closely with Dr. Davis to deliver the best course of treatment for each patient. Dylan carefully monitors that exercises are being performed correctly and patients are challenging themselves. The level of care I have received at Neff Physical Therapy far exceeds my expectations. I highly recommend Neff Physical Therapy. "
Aug 12, 2021
"The crew at Neff PT were very knowledgeable and friendly when helping me recover from a shoulder surgery. They made it an enjoyable experience by increasing my mobility and setting me up to strengthen my arm. I would highly recommend them to anyone after post surgery for physical therapy. "
Jul 30, 2021
"I had a tear in my rotater and Dr.Drawbaugh and Greg worked with me for 12 times. I can raise my arm over my head and am pain free. Thanks guys for everything."
Jul 27, 2021
"My whole experience at Neff Physical Therapy was very pleasant, from walking in the door and seeing Brittany at the front desk to PT assistant - Dylan, and then having Dr. Davis work with me. Dylan was always attentive to how I was doing and Dr. Davis took his time to explain everything to me and then listening to how I was doing. The facility is very clean and has a happy atmosphere. If ever I need therapy again, I will return to Neff Physical Therapy. Thank you all."
Jul 24, 2021
"After surgery for a torn right distal bicep tendon I had the pain & mobility challenges you'd expect, especially when turning the arm. Dr. Davis & Dylan worked through exercises tailored to get me back to normal & I made quick progress. Dr. Davis also focused on some neck, upper back & shoulder constriction to help set up healing & better natural movement for the arm. I received attentive treatment & got great results. My arm is back to normal movement and I'm building strength back up to normal. My neck, shoulder & back constriction is improved and I'll continue with the exercises to help keep it loose. I'd highly recommend their services. "
Jun 17, 2021
"I highly recommend Dr. Davis at Neffs Physical Therapy. He worked miracles on my neck and back without medication. He was so understanding of my erratic work schedule. Thank you so much!"
Jun 10, 2021
"I highly recommend Neff Physical therapy. I injured my shoulder last June and thought it would get better on it's own. Months later I had lost some range of motion and had pain with certain movements. The therapists at Neff's are very knowledgeable and professional. Their treatment plan was simple to follow and helped my shoulder tremendously. I can't thank them enough!"
May 06, 2021
"After two weeks my pain was lessened and overall I felt better. Chris and Dylan were very helpful. It was a pleasure to come here for treatment. I have no complaints about my care. I am very satisfied and would return if I need to. Thank you."
Apr 20, 2021
"I was very pleased with the amount of treatments it took to fix my vertigo. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly. Now I have no more dizziness. "
Apr 16, 2021
"I have to admit I was skeptical about going to Neff physical therapy for my vertigo but got a great recommendation from my daughter and Son-in-law since they go to the office in Quarryville. I gave Dr. Drawbaugh all the symptoms I was experiencing and he set a plan for exercises and also manipulation of my back and shoulders. Since finishing with him I have not had any recurring symptoms or dizziness at all. THANK YOU so much for providing excellent care and giving me the ability to continue care at home. "
Mar 24, 2021
"This practice has been very helpful in giving me "tools" to relieve my SI joint disfunction and pain. "
Mar 03, 2021
"Incredible experience! They ushered me from a walker into a real functioning person. I had a total right hip replacement and the stretching program they executed was PERFECT! My range of motion has increased exponentially. The “Adam’s” are a superb team! I was totally impressed by the attention to each and every patient—there was not any downtime waiting for instruction. The team runs like a fine oiled machine. The manipulation technique that the practice has mastered is a total asset to patients and I truly believe accelerated my recovery process. In addition, Brittany is an amazing front desk ambassador for scheduling and making the patients feel welcome. "
Mar 02, 2021
"After years of back pain my surgeon told me he was not recommending more surgery and I told him that I had seen an ad for Dan Neff PT back pain and sciatica workshop and my surgeon wrote me a prescription. My back has loosened up after many months of inactivity due to covid and the excercises Dr. Davis and Dillon showed me helped to loosen up my back and hips and relieved a lot of my pain. After finishing my PT I am committed to continuing my excercises. Dr. Davis suggested I return in four months to evaluate how I am doing. "
Mar 01, 2021
"I starting having pain in my right foot about 5 years ago. My family physician sent me for x-rays to see if I somehow fractured it. No sign of any fracture, he told me it is "just arthritis". Was given a cortisone shot, this one did not really help. I have had cortisone shots in the past for other things and they did work. My foot continued to get worse and pain started in my left foot also. It is "just arthritis" they say. It was getting to the point where both feet hurt a lot, all the time. I did not want to live on over the counter meds, which can destroy my organs. I was starting to think at the age of 64 that I might end up in a wheel chair in a few years down he road unless I started to take some kind of arthritis medication, which they all have horrible side effects. I watched a family member being hospitalized many times for the side effects of each different one they put him on. I saw where Daniel Neff PT practice was having a free seminar discussing arthritis issues. I went to the seminar. When I asked if there was PT hope for arthritis in the feet,Dr Davis said yes. I went to PT with Dr Davis for 5 weeks. I was also having pain starting in one of my knees which I told Dr Davis about and he worked on it. I am so happy I went to PT, he worked on my feet and my knee, gave me a list of stretches to do everyday. The list of stretches are so easy and take only a few minutes to do. I am so thankful they offered the free seminar and I found out there is hope. If your family physician tells you it is "JUST ARTHRITIS" go to Neff PT. Thank you Dr Davis!!!!"
Jan 25, 2021
"I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder in December by Dr. Neff, who was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to see me. In one month Dr. Soltys and his PT assistant Adam helped me to recover enough that I now have no pain and have regained full range of motion in my arm. They were very helpful in explaining what they were doing as well as teaching me exercises to do at home. I am extremely pleased with the progress I made and would highly recommend these caring professionals at Neff PT."
Jan 16, 2021
"I was referred by my doctor at Johns Hopkins to have PT after recovering from Chiari decompression surgery due to headaches caused by muscle weakness in my neck. The team there listened and took seriously all of my concerns and came up with a definitive plan of action. Within 4 weeks of therapy my headaches have subsided! I was so impressed by how Dr. Davis, Jesse and Dylan truly cared about how I felt and their expertise which gave me such confidence in the process. I definitely recommend Neff PT and would contact them again in the future if needed!!"
Jan 14, 2021
"I came to Neff's with elbow and hand pain a few weeks before I left for college. With very limited time until I left for college, Dr. Davis helped me manage my pain until I could come back after my first semester. After I came home from college, Dr. Davis was very helpful in explaining where the pain was coming from and how to treat it. Everyone was very nice at Neff's and cared about how I was doing and getting me back to full function of my arm. Also as someone with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, it was difficult finding physical therapists who understood EDS and how to treat someone with it. The physical therapists at Neff's were very good about not under treating me due to me having EDS and fearing putting me in greater pain, but also making sure that the exercises they had me doing were not going to aggravate my EDS. "
Jan 11, 2021
"Dr. Soltys worked with me to come up with exercises and adjustments to alleviate the hip and leg pain that I was experiencing. I highly recommend this practice. "
Jan 10, 2021
"I was experiencing back pain that extended down my leg, in addition to plantars faciitis. Sometimes taking 6 Advil a day. After the first few weeks, going twice a week, I was starting to feel less pain. I was given exercises to do at home. Dr. Drawbaugh was very professional in treating me. I have tried other PT, but the difference here was that some manipulation was used. That was not the case elsewhere. I think that made the difference. Now there are days that I don’t need to take Advil. Dr. Greiner, Greg and Tonya were all very nice and friendly. I would strongly recommend Neff Therapy. "
Oct 17, 2020
"I suffered from back pain causing pain down my leg and plantars fasciitis. After several weeks of going twice a week, I was starting to have less pain. I was guided to do exercises at home in addition to going to PT. The doctors also included adjustments in addition to the exercises. This was something no other physical therapists did anywhere else I went before, and it made a difference in my recovery. I am now at the point of not having to go anymore, but will continue to do the exercises at home. All the staff were very friendly and it was a good experience. "
Oct 14, 2020
"My first appointment with Dr Greiner was about 8 weeks ago. I was struggling with numbness in my left foot, calf muscle and pain in my left butt cheek. I also had overall weakness in my left side. After a few weeks of Dr. Greiners PT and Tanya's exercise direction things began to change for the better. Its now 7 weeks later and I've been pain free for the last 21 days. I am so greatful for the folks at Neff's Physical Therapy and the service they provide. "
Oct 11, 2020
"Dr. Davis at Neff Physical Therapy is fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients recovery. I have observed that on numerous occasions. He takes his time to explain how the human body works, reasons why one is exhibiting symptoms, and develops a plan to combat the pain and help one on the road to recovery. His professional expertise is superb! I was very skeptical about going to Neff Physical Therapy because I had attended PT in the past with another provider and 7 years later I was still experiencing symptoms. I am truly amazed at the results of my therapy. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who struggles with chronic, long-term pain and is in need of a knowledgeable,  caring, and professional practice."
Sep 19, 2020
"I could not raise my arm even close to horizontal due to a bicycle crash. Consequently, I couldn't engage in some of my favorite activities like riding my motorcycle or shooting my crossbow and pistol. Over the years I have been through many physical therapies at other practices, but never have I been helped as much as I have by Dr. Davis and Dillon. In fact I have more range of motion and strength in the injured shoulder than I have had for the past five years. They take a genuine interest in their patients and explain in detail what they are doing and why. I wouldn't go anywhere else. "
Sep 02, 2020
"When I first came to therapy, my back and hip kept me from getting a good nights sleep. The exercises that Mr. Dylan and Mr. Adam had me do has helped with my strength and flexibility. Dr. Davis was very thorough with his treatments of my problem. I would recommend Neff Physical Therapy for anyone that needs this type of treatment."
Aug 05, 2020
"Came back to Neff PT after being a patient last fall for a back issue. This time it was for numbness and pain in my left arm and shoulder. Dr Neff diagnosed it as a compressed nerve and encapsulated shoulder. Through therapy and exercise, the numbness is pretty much gone and the shoulder is about 95%. I'm certain with continued exercises they gave me I'll be 100% in the near future. The staff here are excellent. Dylan and Adam are great at coaching you through the exercise movemenst and Dylan doesn't let you cheat :). I would recommend Neff PT to anyone experiencing pain and discomfort from injury or arthritis. I try and stay active with regular exercise and weight training, but with my arthritis it does create issues at times. I plan on seeing Neff PT periodically to have them tweek any issues that arise. "
Jun 25, 2020
Jun 11, 2020
"I had double knee replacement surgery in February, I had 2 weeks of in home therapy. Started PT at Neff's on March 16, and my last appt. was May 12. Everyone at Neff's was totally professional and always concerned about any pain or any concerns that I had. I was totally happy with my PT. I would recommend Neff's Therapy to everyone. You have a great group of people working for you. Thanks for everything and I have no pain walking anymore."
May 20, 2020
""All of the staff from check in to exercises to doctors treat you like family. They make therapy a pleasure. The doctors do a great job working on your problem areas, but you also have to follow thru with exercises at home. By the time I was done I was pain free and no longer was limping. I have been to Neffs three times for three different reasons and they will be my choice in the future if PT is needed again. Thank you all for your personal care." "
Apr 14, 2020
"When I wrote my review yesterday I used the acronym Pup, just assuming everyone knows the meaning. Sorry, in case you don't it stands for Pack Up Pain because at Neffs Physical Therapy that's Exactly what they do! Kudos again to all staff, extremely grateful!"
Mar 27, 2020
"I have been going to Neff Therapy for about a month now. I have a post traumatic hip injury. When I came here I felt very down and stressed out. I was a very active person before this, horseback riding, hiking and just super active. In a matter of weeks it was becoming more and more hopeless as I could barely walk. All the pros at this center used their skills to get my whole body moving and joints working together. The exercises are specific to your individual needs and the doctors help you manage your pain. Everyone in this office is personable and this is very rare today. You want regular therapy that may or may not work, go anywhere else and that's what you will get. You want top notch, whole body workouts ? Try Neffs, don't guess because they are the very, very, best! They give no ifs or maybes, just results! Pup"
Mar 26, 2020
"Highest Recommendations to the Crew at Neffs Physical Therapy. I’m thankful for their dedication to their jobs ..... Always doing their best . "
Mar 16, 2020
"The care I received was exceptional and helped relieve my pain from day one. I was very limited and painful at my first visit after my TKR and after my physical therapy that day, felt better when I left. The staff is friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They put me at ease with any of my concerns. I would highly recommend them for any physical therapy needs."
Feb 06, 2020
"When I first came to Neff Physical Therapy the pain in my lower back and in my hip and down my leg into my foot was so bad I could hardly walk. No position was comfortable. Not sitting, standing, walking or driving. After my first couple of appointments everything slowly started to improve until now I am pain free. The whole staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, explained things very well and made me feel very comfortable. Neff will always be my choice for Physical Therapy if I ever need it again in the future. "
Jan 29, 2020
"I had ongoing leg and sciatica pain for many months. After having excellent treatment by Dr. Soltys and his assistant Adam, I am now pain free. Besides their treatment and care, you must do your part too. That would be doing your exercises daily and following their advice. Thank you Dr. Soltys and Adam!"
Jan 23, 2020
"Dr. Neff and his staff are the best group of physical therapists I have experienced. The difference is the manual "hands on" treatment that actually realigns your spine and reduces stress on the extended muscular groups. I have used other therapists due to work related injuries, but Dr. Neff and his staff are by far the most pain relieving professionals I have experienced. Their treatment accelerates the repair and healing of your injured area."
Jan 09, 2020
"Over the years, I have received treatment by Dr. Neff and Dr. Soltys for various conditions. I have always been completely satisfied with the results and have found it easy to get an appointment to fit my schedule. This practice excels in their professionalism, caring and friendly manner in treating their patients. I sincerely appreciate the doctors and staff at this practice. "
Jan 01, 2020
"I came to Neff PT for a rotator cuff workshop, and made an appointment that night. One shoulder had been repaired, and I didn’t want surgery on the other. Daily chores like vacuuming, laundry, shopping and lifting were problems. Both shoulders were sore and restricted, I had poor posture, and back, neck, and foot pains were keeping me from walking, chores, and being with friends. Dr. Davis and Dylan are excellent! They were caring, listened and understood my restrictions, gave me great manipulations and exercises on site, with tips and exercises for home. I had total pain daily, and am now pain free. Having had therapy at other practices, I recommend Dr. Neff’s practice, far and above any other therapists. Thank you for your care. "
Dec 16, 2019
"The team was patient, professional, and excellent at resolving my neck pain. Their care was personal and respectful. I always knew where I stood and the plan going forward. We’ll done! This was my third time through the clinic over a six year period. Needless to say, I’ll be back."
Nov 22, 2019
"Dr. Neff is very familiar with my hip replacement journey and was instrumental in diagnosing my problem and helping me to have the most pain free and active lifestyle possible. I highly recommend Neff PT."
Nov 20, 2019
"Dr. Neff is very familiar with my hip replacement journey and was instrumental in diagnosing my problem and helping me to have the most pain free and active lifestyle possible. I highly recommend Neff PT."
Nov 20, 2019
"I have come to Neff PT for several medical conditions, and have always received excellent care. Dr. Neff provides knowledgeable and professional therapy, explaining how, why, and what he is doing and how it will impact your healing process. His rapport is excellent, and all of this extends to the therapists and assistants that are with him in the practice. Everyone truly cares about the well being of the patients, and makes sure that there is a follow-up that can continue the success. I am leaving with a plan in place, to continue to manage my pain , and hopefully continue to become stronger and maintain my health, A huge thank you to all of the staff!"
Nov 19, 2019
"Thank you so much for your help. Your style of physical therapy accompanied by necessary adjustments to the spine works wonderfully. The staff was respectful and encouraging. I have improved to almost 100% with your help. "
Nov 08, 2019
"I came into the practice with little to no range of motion in my neck following a motor vehicle accident, which caused fractures in my C2, C6 and C7. Also, numbness in two of my fingers. Since my therapy sessions, I have regained almost full range of motion in my neck. The numbness in my fingers is almost completely gone and I'm confident will continue to improve with time and continuing my exercises. Dr. Davis and Dylan not only have professional expertise, but are encouraging, engaging, and always friendly as well! "
Nov 07, 2019
"i was first injured in 2001 and had 1 to 2 surgeries per year for the next 14 years. I have very severe injuries and many other conditions that will never go away. i went to several physical therapy agencies but they never helped. the therapy was run of the mill, everyone doing the same thing regardless of injuries. i never had any relief and my quality of life was very poor. in january 2010 i was introduced to Dr. Neff by diamontoni and associates because you were close to where i live. i was skeptical that Dr. Neff would do anything different and didnt have much hope for relief. From the first appointment i was convinced i had found someone that would be able to help me with my many injuries. I couldnt believe that Dr Neff didnt treat me as the run of the mill patient. He did things no other physical therapist did before and I was getting stronger, my quality of life was getting better. Dr. Neff and all of the other staff treated me like a person, not a number. they were invested in my health and learning about me a person. I literally cried because I couldnt believe how much time i wasted with other physical therapists. I continued having surgeries for additional injuries and came to Dr. Neff several times a year to help keep me on track. When the practice expanded and new doctors came to work for the practice I was nervous about having anyone except Dr. Neff working with me. I began seeing Dr. Davis and my fears were qualmed immediatly. Dr. Davis treated me just like Dr. Neff, as a person, getting to know me on all levels, being supportive and encouraging even when I was totally discouraged. I tell everyone i know that everyone at neff physical therapy is a God send. Dillon and adam are just as supportive and personable, brittany is a pleasure to talk to. She even gets to know you on a personal level. I went from falling almost weekly because of being so weak, being in bed many days per week due to pain and spasms to not falling in 5 years, not being in bed, being active, actually living a life. My quality of life is very good now and I believe whole heartedly that if it wasnt for Dr. Neff, Dr. Davis and everyone at Neff Physical THerapy, i wouldnt be where I am today. Everyone there has made such a positive difference for me and I will always be a patient at the best place in the world. Thank you so much for giving me my life back."
Nov 07, 2019
"I came to Neff PT for pain in my calf and foot when walking. Dr. Davis helped take the foot pain down to level 1 and most of my calf pain is gone. While under care I started to have vertigo and with just one session of work on my head and neck the vertigo was gone. Everyone in the office was very professional and pleasant. Thanks Dr. Davis and Dylan."
Nov 04, 2019
"I visited Neff PT after experiencing severe muscle spasms in my lower back. During my first appointment, I also mentioned tightness and pain in my left shoulder and right knee. Dr. Davis prescribed a variety of exercises to strengthen my core and performed manual adjustments to realign my hips. He also included exercises and manual therapies to improve the strength and range of motion in both my knee and shoulder. Both Dr. Davis and Dylan were professional, competent, and efficient. At each appointment they were interested in and responsive to how I was feeling. The three of us formed a partnership that "tuned up" the mechanics of my body. I highly recommend Neff PT "
Sep 23, 2019
Sep 16, 2019
"I first attended a seminar at Neff Therapy for vertigo. I've had an encounter with it in the past. My initial visit with Dr Davis was to get everything on the table that had happened. He set me up with x2 weekly therapy for balance issues. Did my exercises as instructed for three weeks.I saw improvement that was very much to my advantage. I felt much better and my balance was visibly much better. I was on vacation for the next two weeks, doing my exercises only a few times. Upon returning, Dr Davis was very pleased, I was extremely happy with his findings and the fact that he was releasing me. The entire staff at this facility are very professional and accommodating. I would recommend them to everyone"
Aug 22, 2019
"I had extreme neck and shoulder pain and also jaw issues. Over the course of 5 or so weeks I progressed to being able to move my head, neck and shoulder with some pain, to some discomfort and finally to almost zero soreness at all. My jaw is great, it doesn't lock or go our of place. I feel I received excellent care from a very professional and caring staff. Dr. Davis and Dillion worked to get me back to an extremely functional place. This is the second time I have used Neff PT, having seen Dr. Soltys and Adam for an issue with sciatica, which they also resolved with complete satisfaction!! Everyone I have dealt with at Neff PT has been great! This practice is an asset to our community for sure."
Aug 15, 2019
""Before therapy I couldn't lift/carry heavy objects with my right arm. I could not open jars or stir while cooking. Since therapy I have resumed all normal chores and daily activities. I can even enjoy hobbies again such as archery.""
Aug 02, 2019
"I would rate Dr Neff and his Staff with a number 5. I have gone to Dr Dan and his staff on numerous times for Back.Neck and Rotator cuff problems. I always received great care and finished my therapy with great pain free results. I just finished therapy for a back fusion L1 and L2. I had a great Neuro Surgeon DR Keith Kuhlengel who did a superb job. He then referred me to Dr Neff to work on my stability and work on my numbness on my right side and feet which was causing me to be unstable on my feet and making it hard to walk. In just a few short weeks of doing the exercises which Dylan gave me and supervised me in doing them and Dr Neff's expertise in knowing what muscles and nerves to manipulate made all the difference in the world. I can now walk better and stand for a long period of time without my right leg going numb. If you have problems with pain in joints or post surgery or pre surgery I would highly recommend making an appointment and get an honest evaluation. I can't thank Dr Dan and Dylan enough for their professional help. Bob Close"
Jul 23, 2019
" My experience with Neff Physical Therapy was very positive and I have already recommended them to others. They are quite knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Davis is both a teacher and an encourager, both important to helping me on my way to recovery. He frequently reminded me of my progress which gave me hope in getting back my range of motion. Dylan was very skilled at showing me by example on how to do exercises properly. I think he has eyes in the back of his head because even when he was busy he would come over and redirect me with my exercises. Both are very kind as well as the other staff that I met. Also, do be informed that you have a choice as to where to do your therapy. You are not locked into the facility that your surgeon or doctor Is connected with. "
Jul 20, 2019
"I started coming to Neff PT for the recovery of a stress fracture in my foot. Dr. Soltys quickly assessed that my sacrum was rotated and that likely contributed to the injury. He began treatment on both my foot and back. It became apparent very quickly that there was more going on in my back than we knew so he referred me back to my primary physician for imaging. X-rays and MRI confirmed spondilolisthesis with bilateral pars defect. My spine was sliding off my sacrum. I tried multiple non-invasive treatments but continued to rapidly decline. Nerve pain and muscle weakness increased significantly and a spinal fusion was necessary. I had surgery in February 2019, and returned to Neff PT for rehab. It’s been 11 weeks since I started this round and am so grateful for the care I’ve received! Once again, Dr. Soltys proved to be a wonderful doctor. He helped me safely regain strength, stability, and stamina. I’m thankful for his wisdom and care! I recommend Neff to everyone I know."
Jun 10, 2019
" I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Neff Physical Therapy. I went to their Quarryville office. I sustained an injury in 2012 in my lower back. When it first happened, I went to physical therapy elsewhere. They used methods of heat, ice, muscle stimulation, and massages. At the time, it seemed like it was helping. Fast forward seven years, I'm in pain again. I went to my doctor who recommended I seek a different type of therapy. I was skeptical at first, to be honest. However, the care I received by Dylan and Dr. Davis was phenomenal. They found the root cause (or causes) of my pain and pushed me to become stronger. They gave me simple stretches that were VERY effective. The staff is both caring and genuine. It was definitely bittersweet to end my treatment. "
Jun 01, 2019
"Having just finished therapy @ Neff PT, I can highly recommend their practice to anyone in need of PT. Everyone from the front desk, PTA’s to the doctors were extremely professional,knowledgeable & attentive to every aspect of my therapy process making it a great success."
Mar 09, 2019
"With a quick glance at my pre and post questionnaire it is easily evident that Neff PT has done an excellent job of relieving my pain and discomfort! I had fallen in my kitchen, causing an injury to my back and ribs. The exercises assigned were spot on to address these areas. After a month of visits the PT had me back in great shape! I was finally able to get back in the saddle, which was my main goal. Adam (PT) and Adam (PTA) were absolutely wonderful! They truly show caring and compassion to their clients! "
Jan 02, 2019
"I have gone to Neff Physical Therapy for neck pain, knee problems, and hand therapy following a severed tendon in my thumb. I just finiished my second marathon and my thumb is good as new. Not only is the practice the best ever, the people that work there are welcoming, professional, but above all, kind. "
Oct 28, 2018

Some Words from Our Clients:

I can function at a level I have not been able to achieve in three years. I would highly recommend this PT business over many others. Thank you for helping me get my life back.

- Linda

When I came in it was very difficult to walk because of pain in the left knee. It was also affecting my back. Now I can walk with little to no pain. My back has improved to the point that I can walk much better, stand longer and do more housework. I definitely have benefited from the therapy. I enjoyed the time with the staff. They are friendly and helpful. Dr. Soltys has been very helpful and has a pleasant approach. Thank you for your help.

- Former Patient

PT was excellent! I had major back pain in my lower back and pain shooting down my left leg. Ever since I started coming here the pain is gone. I had trouble bending down to pick things up I had trouble walking and standing for certain amount of time and even sitting and now I can do all those with no problems. I hardly have any pain in my back or leg anymore.

- Brooke B.

I've underwent three shoulder procedures in less than a year and a half, one of them to try to cure a frozen shoulder. I switched physical therapists and started treatment at Neff Physical Therapy. I instantly noticed a difference. They are far more hands on. In less than three weeks my surgeon told me the range of motion in my shoulder was back to almost 100%. She also had told me that it was amazing to be at that point in such a short amount of time. I credit Neff Physical Therapy for getting me to that point because they not only treat your injury but also your entire body to get everything working together in sync. I'll never consider another therapist and recommend them to all my family and friends.

- Jordan T.

Dr. Neff, I greatly appreciate you and all that you have done for me. You fixed my foot and you helped my hips. You are an awesome therapist.

- Brooke M.

My experience here was beyond what I expected, far beyond. The people in here really know what they are talking about. They helped me recover fully.

Before physical therapy, I could barely do any of my daily routine. Now that I’m finished here at Neff, I’m back to doing my daily routine and back to sports. I can’t thank the people here enough and can’t explain how happy I am with Neff Physical Therapy.

- Philip P.

This was a great experience. Dr. Neff helped me with my range of motion (which I had little of) and now I have freedom of motion. He helped me with my foot which I couldn’t walk on and now I can do as I have in the past since my foot was broken (3 places).

I have experienced PT in the past and this office is far better, wouldn't go any other place. Thanks a lot!

- Susanne S.

After coming to live with my daughter, I desperately needed a physical therapist. My daughter had experience and recommended Dr. Daniel Neff. The very first day, I experienced positive gains. Dan spoke quietly, and gently guided my body towards correction. He did not overpower or stress me. Dr. Neff definitely helped improve my walking, along with substantial pain reduction. I would comfortably return to him and recommend him to anyone in need.

- Viola F.

I was involved in a severe car accident in 1985. Four weeks ago, I walked into Neff PT with a walker. I was taking less than 300 steps a day. Now, I am back to walking 3 miles a day.

Dr. Greiner got me back on track with my balance and mobility. The staff has always been friendly and courteous. Thank you for all the good work to help me get my life back together.

- Donald W.