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Sep 16, 2019
"I first attended a seminar at Neff Therapy for vertigo. I've had an encounter with it in the past. My initial visit with Dr Davis was to get everything on the table that had happened. He set me up with x2 weekly therapy for balance issues. Did my exercises as instructed for three weeks.I saw improvement that was very much to my advantage. I felt much better and my balance was visibly much better. I was on vacation for the next two weeks, doing my exercises only a few times. Upon returning, Dr Davis was very pleased, I was extremely happy with his findings and the fact that he was releasing me. The entire staff at this facility are very professional and accommodating. I would recommend them to everyone"
Aug 22, 2019
"I had extreme neck and shoulder pain and also jaw issues. Over the course of 5 or so weeks I progressed to being able to move my head, neck and shoulder with some pain, to some discomfort and finally to almost zero soreness at all. My jaw is great, it doesn't lock or go our of place. I feel I received excellent care from a very professional and caring staff. Dr. Davis and Dillion worked to get me back to an extremely functional place. This is the second time I have used Neff PT, having seen Dr. Soltys and Adam for an issue with sciatica, which they also resolved with complete satisfaction!! Everyone I have dealt with at Neff PT has been great! This practice is an asset to our community for sure."
Aug 15, 2019
""Before therapy I couldn't lift/carry heavy objects with my right arm. I could not open jars or stir while cooking. Since therapy I have resumed all normal chores and daily activities. I can even enjoy hobbies again such as archery.""
Aug 02, 2019
"I would rate Dr Neff and his Staff with a number 5. I have gone to Dr Dan and his staff on numerous times for Back.Neck and Rotator cuff problems. I always received great care and finished my therapy with great pain free results. I just finished therapy for a back fusion L1 and L2. I had a great Neuro Surgeon DR Keith Kuhlengel who did a superb job. He then referred me to Dr Neff to work on my stability and work on my numbness on my right side and feet which was causing me to be unstable on my feet and making it hard to walk. In just a few short weeks of doing the exercises which Dylan gave me and supervised me in doing them and Dr Neff's expertise in knowing what muscles and nerves to manipulate made all the difference in the world. I can now walk better and stand for a long period of time without my right leg going numb. If you have problems with pain in joints or post surgery or pre surgery I would highly recommend making an appointment and get an honest evaluation. I can't thank Dr Dan and Dylan enough for their professional help. Bob Close"
Jul 23, 2019
" My experience with Neff Physical Therapy was very positive and I have already recommended them to others. They are quite knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Davis is both a teacher and an encourager, both important to helping me on my way to recovery. He frequently reminded me of my progress which gave me hope in getting back my range of motion. Dylan was very skilled at showing me by example on how to do exercises properly. I think he has eyes in the back of his head because even when he was busy he would come over and redirect me with my exercises. Both are very kind as well as the other staff that I met. Also, do be informed that you have a choice as to where to do your therapy. You are not locked into the facility that your surgeon or doctor Is connected with. "
Jul 20, 2019
"I started coming to Neff PT for the recovery of a stress fracture in my foot. Dr. Soltys quickly assessed that my sacrum was rotated and that likely contributed to the injury. He began treatment on both my foot and back. It became apparent very quickly that there was more going on in my back than we knew so he referred me back to my primary physician for imaging. X-rays and MRI confirmed spondilolisthesis with bilateral pars defect. My spine was sliding off my sacrum. I tried multiple non-invasive treatments but continued to rapidly decline. Nerve pain and muscle weakness increased significantly and a spinal fusion was necessary. I had surgery in February 2019, and returned to Neff PT for rehab. It’s been 11 weeks since I started this round and am so grateful for the care I’ve received! Once again, Dr. Soltys proved to be a wonderful doctor. He helped me safely regain strength, stability, and stamina. I’m thankful for his wisdom and care! I recommend Neff to everyone I know."
Jun 10, 2019
" I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Neff Physical Therapy. I went to their Quarryville office. I sustained an injury in 2012 in my lower back. When it first happened, I went to physical therapy elsewhere. They used methods of heat, ice, muscle stimulation, and massages. At the time, it seemed like it was helping. Fast forward seven years, I'm in pain again. I went to my doctor who recommended I seek a different type of therapy. I was skeptical at first, to be honest. However, the care I received by Dylan and Dr. Davis was phenomenal. They found the root cause (or causes) of my pain and pushed me to become stronger. They gave me simple stretches that were VERY effective. The staff is both caring and genuine. It was definitely bittersweet to end my treatment. "
Jun 01, 2019
"Having just finished therapy @ Neff PT, I can highly recommend their practice to anyone in need of PT. Everyone from the front desk, PTA’s to the doctors were extremely professional,knowledgeable & attentive to every aspect of my therapy process making it a great success."
Mar 09, 2019
"With a quick glance at my pre and post questionnaire it is easily evident that Neff PT has done an excellent job of relieving my pain and discomfort! I had fallen in my kitchen, causing an injury to my back and ribs. The exercises assigned were spot on to address these areas. After a month of visits the PT had me back in great shape! I was finally able to get back in the saddle, which was my main goal. Adam (PT) and Adam (PTA) were absolutely wonderful! They truly show caring and compassion to their clients! "
Jan 02, 2019
"I have gone to Neff Physical Therapy for neck pain, knee problems, and hand therapy following a severed tendon in my thumb. I just finiished my second marathon and my thumb is good as new. Not only is the practice the best ever, the people that work there are welcoming, professional, but above all, kind. "
Oct 28, 2018

Some Words from Our Clients:

I can function at a level I have not been able to achieve in three years. I would highly recommend this PT business over many others. Thank you for helping me get my life back.

- Linda

When I came in it was very difficult to walk because of pain in the left knee. It was also affecting my back. Now I can walk with little to no pain. My back has improved to the point that I can walk much better, stand longer and do more housework. I definitely have benefited from the therapy. I enjoyed the time with the staff. They are friendly and helpful. Dr. Soltys has been very helpful and has a pleasant approach. Thank you for your help.

- Former Patient

PT was excellent! I had major back pain in my lower back and pain shooting down my left leg. Ever since I started coming here the pain is gone. I had trouble bending down to pick things up I had trouble walking and standing for certain amount of time and even sitting and now I can do all those with no problems. I hardly have any pain in my back or leg anymore.

- Brooke B.

I've underwent three shoulder procedures in less than a year and a half, one of them to try to cure a frozen shoulder. I switched physical therapists and started treatment at Neff Physical Therapy. I instantly noticed a difference. They are far more hands on. In less than three weeks my surgeon told me the range of motion in my shoulder was back to almost 100%. She also had told me that it was amazing to be at that point in such a short amount of time. I credit Neff Physical Therapy for getting me to that point because they not only treat your injury but also your entire body to get everything working together in sync. I'll never consider another therapist and recommend them to all my family and friends.

- Jordan T.

Dr. Neff, I greatly appreciate you and all that you have done for me. You fixed my foot and you helped my hips. You are an awesome therapist.

- Brooke M.

My experience here was beyond what I expected, far beyond. The people in here really know what they are talking about. They helped me recover fully.

Before physical therapy, I could barely do any of my daily routine. Now that I’m finished here at Neff, I’m back to doing my daily routine and back to sports. I can’t thank the people here enough and can’t explain how happy I am with Neff Physical Therapy.

- Philip P.

This was a great experience. Dr. Neff helped me with my range of motion (which I had little of) and now I have freedom of motion. He helped me with my foot which I couldn’t walk on and now I can do as I have in the past since my foot was broken (3 places).

I have experienced PT in the past and this office is far better, wouldn't go any other place. Thanks a lot!

- Susanne S.

After coming to live with my daughter, I desperately needed a physical therapist. My daughter had experience and recommended Dr. Daniel Neff. The very first day, I experienced positive gains. Dan spoke quietly, and gently guided my body towards correction. He did not overpower or stress me. Dr. Neff definitely helped improve my walking, along with substantial pain reduction. I would comfortably return to him and recommend him to anyone in need.

- Viola F.

I was involved in a severe car accident in 1985. Four weeks ago, I walked into Neff PT with a walker. I was taking less than 300 steps a day. Now, I am back to walking 3 miles a day.

Dr. Greiner got me back on track with my balance and mobility. The staff has always been friendly and courteous. Thank you for all the good work to help me get my life back together.

- Donald W.