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EMG/NCS Testing

EMG/NCS Testing – Nerve Testing:

EMG (Electromyography) and NCS (nerve conduction study) testing check the health of nerves and muscles in your body. Measuring the electrical activity in muscles and nerves can help find diseases that damage muscle tissue (i.e. myopathy and muscular dystrophy) or nerves (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome). An EMG measures the electrical activity of muscles at rest and during contraction. During an EMG, a small pin is inserted in the muscle that helps us evaluate the condition of your muscles. NCS is used to measure the health of your nerves. Mild electrical stimulation is administered to the skin directly overlaying the nerve. The response is measured by electrodes applied to your skin and produces a visual signal on the computer monitor we can analyze. EMG and NCS tests are often done together to provide more complete data. The results of NCS/EMG testing can be an invaluable tool for your doctor to determine various conditions that can affect your nerves and muscles, which will help them manage your care more effectively. NCS/EMG test is easy, reliable, and safe.

Do you suffer from numbness/tingling? burning? pins and needles? decreased or loss of sensation? weakness in your hands or feet? neck or low back pain that radiates?

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