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About Us

Neff Physical Therapy was founded in 2009, by Dr. Daniel B. Neff as a way to give back to the people of his hometown community. Dr. Neff quickly garnered a big time reputation by providing cutting edge treatments that had patients traveling across Lancaster County and from neighboring states to seek treatment.

Over the years, Neff Physical Therapy has continued to grow. In 2018, Dr. Tim Greiner opened up the company's second clinic, located in Willow Street, PA. Several years later, in 2022, Dr. Adam Soltys opened up the company's third clinic, located in Oxford, PA.

Dr. Neff and his staff of Doctors of Physical Therapy have developed a unique treatment approach to identify the origin of the patient's pain and provide hands-on manual therapy techniques to provide immediate relief of their systems. This treatment approach known as The Restriction Based Approach, has been taught by Dr. Neff and staff to over 300 practitioners (PT/PTA/MD/DO) from over 30 different states.

Neff Physical Therapy specializes in not only orthopedic injuries, but also neuromusculoskeletal diagnoses such as radiculopathy, neuropathy, and vertigo/dizziness.

Neff Physical Therapy is a Direct Access clinic, meaning you can schedule an appointment without a referral (depending on your insurance).

To visit with a therapist at Neff Physical Therapy, just call (717) 786-1245.