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We accept most major insurance plans. Please review your insurance policy to understand your outpatient physical therapy benefits and give us a call to schedule your appointment.

Recommendations for your first visit with us:

What to Wear:
We recommend patients wear loose fitting clothes. Wear a comfortably fitting t-shirt and athletic shorts or pants. Make sure that your injured extremity can easily be exposed if needed. For example, if you are coming in for knee pain, wear something that allows for the knee to easily be exposed like shorts or sweat pants that can be rolled up. Try not to wear tight jeans if you have a leg injury. Sweat shirts are fine to wear, if you have an undershirt accompanying it so you can take the sweat shirt off if needed.

Whom You Will Meet:
Greta is our front desk manager and you will check in with her. All necessary paperwork may be filled out in our clinic at your initial visit or you may download the paperwork from our website and either bring it with you or email it to us prior to your visit. Should you have questions concerning your insurance, you may speak with Krista, our Office Manager, at your first visit.